Orphans and Vulnerable Children Scholarship Program

     Many children in Bundibugyo District have lost one or more parents to war, diseases such as HIV/AIDS or malaria, or other causes. These children have little hope of completing a secondary school education, which in Uganda is not provided free by the government as it is in most Western countries. Without this education, these children have limited opportunities to escape the poverty that plagues this district. To read more about Christ School click here.

     A donation of only $600 is enough to pay for everything needed for one student for an entire year at Christ School (tuition, room & board, and miscellaneous school expenses). Currently, there are about 60 students on scholarship (10 from each of the 6 classes).

Levels of Giving:

$600/yr (covers the actual costs for one student for a year)
lesser amounts are stilled needed and appreciated to meet scholarship needs.

CSB Scholarship Fund's total need per year: $36,000

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